A winning combination

Combining Nu-Wall with traditional cladding creates a truly bespoke look for a contemporary structure.

A unique seafront space

‘Arruba’ by Bossley Architects is a bespoke structure that uses Nu-Wall’s Mono profile in bright red to add character.

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Award winning Design

Massey Highschool’s Performing Arts Centre uses Mono cladding in the school colours to reinforce a sense of pride.

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Architecturally inspired. Performance proven.

Why Nu-Wall?

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, Nu-Wall cladding helps to make it a superior structure that’s easy to maintain. Desirable aesthetics, immense durability, proven weathertightness and low maintenance – you get them all.

Many Nu-Wall profiles have been designed with input from respected New Zealand architects and construction engineers. Some are innately practical, while others offer cutting edge aesthetics. No matter the design or budget, we have a suitable profile and a range of specification resources available with it.

The benefits of Nu-Wall

  • Designed, manufactured and fully supported in New Zealand
  • Tested and appraised by BRANZ, and found to exceed the quality standards and requirements of New Zealand Building Code
  • Stays weathertight for the life of the building
  • Factory-applied powder coat and anodised finishes last for up to 25 years and require minimal maintenance
  • Can be easily painted if you ever want to change colour
  • Made from aluminium, so it's fully recycleable


The benefits of Nu-Wall