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Why Nu-Wall

Whether your home is contemporary, mid-century or traditional, Nu-Wall cladding helps to make it a superior, easy-to-live-with structure in every way. Desirable aesthetics, immense durability, proven weathertightness and low maintenance – you get them all. Plus there’s the reassurance of rock-solid warranty support, because Nu-Wall is designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Unquestionably weathertight

Nu-Wall’s performance has been tested and appraised by BRANZ. Every one of our house cladding options has been found to exceed the quality standards and requirements of the New Zealand building code. Water can’t get in or around Nu-Wall, because it offers the rain an impermeable surface. There’s simply no place for moisture to go.

Easy to live with

Not only is Nu-Wall a high-quality metal wall cladding choice, it’s superbly easy to maintain. About every two years, wash it, then you’re good to go. Factory-applied powdercoat finishes are guaranteed for up to 25 years, while anodised finishes maintain their new appearance for even longer. If you ever want to change the colour of a building clad with Nu-Wall, no problem. After thorough clean and light sand, Nu-Wall can be painted with an ordinary acrylic polyurethane coating.

Made to last

Nu-Wall aluminium cladding is guaranteed for 100 years, and we’re confident it will last even longer. It performs brilliantly in New Zealand’s harshest locations, including geothermal, alpine and coastal environments. Nu-Wall won’t rot, corrode or warp. And it’s light, so there will be less strain on foundations and other structural features.

Aesthetically advanced

The vertical and horizontal Nu-Wall profiles you’ll see in our gallery have been designed with input from respected New Zealand architects and construction engineers. Some profiles are innately practical, so that they can replace traditional weatherboard systems. Others are all about style and appearances; this is especially true of our vertical range. Because we’re a true New Zealand product that’s designed and made locally, we can develop unique products that bring your vision to life. Many of our most popular profiles began life as a customisation project!

Environmentally responsible

Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material. It can be remade, over and over, without the need for any additives. Most of the aluminium extruded for Nu-Wall cladding products was originally produced at the Bluff aluminium smelter, which is powered with renewable electricity from the Manapouri hydroelectric power station.

Compared to imported exterior cladding for houses, our local manufacturing also reduces emissions from transportation. At the end of a building’s life, Nu-Wall cladding can be removed and sent for recycling.